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UAV - Drone Flight Services and Solutions

Building Design & Construction

A drone program is a terrific investment for construction companies right now. They can be used through the entire construction lifecycle, from   
feasibility and bidding to handover and maintenance.

Commercial Roofing Management

Climbing up onto an unfamiliar roof can be risky for even the most experienced roofers. With aerial imagery roofers can see a roof before they even set foot on the property. Aerial measurements can help roofers limit their time on the roof, so there’s less risk before a job can even begin.

Tower / Energy / Telco Asset Inspections

Drones are perfect for cataloging infrastructure over distances and vertical heights, delivering high-resolution imagery and thermal mapping of equipment status. Technical installations and buildings,              
e.g. bridges or embankment dams are subject to strict inspection and safety regulations, which is why they require regular inspections. Tower climbing is one of the most dangerous jobs and telecommunication operators can avoid risks using drones for telecom tower inspection.

Building and Design.png
Commercial Roofing Mgmt.png
Tower Energy and Telco Inspections.png
Industrial Infrastructure Inspections | Monitoring

Energy, Utilities, and Critical Infrastructure organizations are beginning to see the vast potential for drones to reduce costs, improve safety, increase reliability and more quickly analyze anomalies and malfunctions. While utilities currently conduct most maintenance operations by visual inspection, new developments within the FAA have helped to pave the way toward more cost-effective UAV-based infrastructure maintenance.

Industrial Infra Inspections.png
Public Safety / Security / Surveillance

Aerial drones are one of the most promising and powerful new technologies to improve disaster response and relief operations. Drones naturally complement traditional manned relief operations by helping to ensure that operations can be conducted safer, faster, and more

Public Safety - Security.png

PRIME Solutions – DRONE Services presented by ConnexiCore™ provides nationwide commercial UAV Drone Flight Services and Solutions with over (200) highly qualified FAA Part 107 Remote Pilots across the United States. We specialize in drone data collection, image and video analysis, aerial surveying, thermographic imaging, and mapping services.


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